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Rootex products

- Keeps the roots where you want them
- Stops the roots tips from spreading and creates a fibrous root system
- Ideal for use in the garden to stop plants from spreading
- Available as a bag to keep new plants and their roots under control
- Available by the metre length creating a barrier that prevents established plant roots penetrating into undesirable areas, such as drive, paths and drains
- Rootex products are used in the professional market to control plant roots

What is Rootex?

Rootex is a fabric that has a copper based latex coating on one side. The fabric was developed and patented by Texel Inc for the commercial tree and shrub growers in North America.

When the root tip comes into contact with the copper it stops growing, the apical dominance is interrupted, and new roots develop further back towards the plant, promoting the proliferation of feeder roots. This means roots are more fibrous and absorb water and nutrients better. It also prevents roots from just being deflected, such as root circling in containers or moving downwards as with a solid barrier.

Rootex is permeable allowing water and nutrients to pass through it. This is essential, as the plant within the area of Rootex needs to be able to absorb nutrients and water