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The Art of Garden Organisation: Creative Label Ideas for Your Green Space

Keeping your garden organized is essential for successful growing and maintenance. In this blog post, we’ll explore creative and practical ways to use gardening labels from Labels n Things to make your green space thrive. Read more

Grow to Share

With the cost of food increasing almost daily, Labels n Things have developed an initiative to encourage growing and sharing the wonderful produce that as Gardeners we produce, helping to reduce waste, and help those that are not able to grow wonderful fresh vegetables. Read more

Types of plant labels

There are many types of plant labels available. Here we take a look at some of the plant labelling solutions and discuss how they look, where and when they can be used, whether they are re-usable, permanent, look good (or not!) and how much information you can record about your plants. Read more

Things to do in the Garden in November

November is a great month for housekeeping in your garden. Although the days can be windy, damp, and sometimes cold we are often blessed with bright, sunny, autumnal sunshine which we should take full advantage of. Read more

Why do I need to label my plants?

Using plant labels, plant tags and tree tags is beneficial for all types of gardeners from, home gardeners, professional gardeners such as landscapers and garden designers, horticulturists, nurseries and garden centres. Read more

Hints & Tips for Gardening Jobs in January

Christmas is now over and our thoughts once again turn to the difficult situation we all find ourselves in and feeling the effects of a further lockdown. Read more

2020 Show Season

The show season for labels n Things always ends with the Malvern Autumn show. At the start of 2020 little did we know that it would be our first and last show of the year. Read more

Plot & Bed Labels

Labels n Things supply a range of larger Plant Labels which are ideal for Plot and Bed labelling. Read more