Grow to Share

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With the cost of food increasing almost daily, Labels n Things have developed an initiative to encourage growing and sharing the wonderful produce that as Gardeners we produce, helping to reduce waste, and help those that are not able to grow wonderful fresh vegetables.
Grow to Share by Labels N Things!
Whether you grow in a window box or a 10-acre field, let’s share what we grow, plant an extra row of potatoes and an extra tomato plant, collect your seed pods and give them away. share your produce with friends, neighbours, or local groups.

My local WI always loves leftover fruit to help with their jam making, the local nursing home benefits from my excess of salad and apples in the Autumn.

Seeds, flowers, and houseplants can also be propagated and shared with your friends. If you have a lot of produce to share, then your local community shop or Food Bank will be very grateful for your donation.

For every photo of your shared produce, we will give you a code so that when you next order you will receive a thank you gift from Labels n Things free of charge. So let’s get growing! Upload your photo onto our Instagram page or Facebook page, or email it to us and we will do it for you.

And please remember to label those plants!