Hints & Tips for Gardening Jobs in January

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Christmas is now over and our thoughts once again turn to the difficult situation we all find ourselves in and feeling the effects of a further lockdown.

The Garden is quiet and still but I like to think this is just Mother nature taking a well-deserved rest and getting ready for the growing season ahead.

With time on our hands, I thought I would go through a few hints and tips for gardening jobs in January.

This is the time to sort out and clean your gardening tools and equipment making a list of the supplies you need to purchase whether that be new plant labels, raffia, or twine or maybe replace the marker pen that was left in the greenhouse over the summer.

Crops that require a long growing season can be sown now and kept on a warm window ledge or a heated greenhouse (remember to fit a max-min thermometer), and don’t forget micro herbs and vegetables can be sown and used all year round.

The greenhouse can be deep cleaned and any loose panes of glass can be replaced see our range of greenhouse fittings to help you with this task.

Pots can be made using newspaper to help the environment, children love to help with this task and what a project for homeschooling lets get the children growing for the future and taking an interest in growing their own plants.
Our paper potter is ideal for making potsOur paper potter is ideal for making pots available in two sizes depending on what you are growing.

So, from the team at Labels n Things

Happy New Year and a good growing season