Plot & Bed Labels

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Labels n Things supply a range of larger Plant Labels which are ideal for Plot and Bed labelling.

Heavy Duty white plastic labels are manufactured in 10” (25cm), 12” (30cm), and 16” (40cm) variations. These labels are all produced with a slot near the top, this enables A coloured loop Lock Label to be inserted to identify colours or different varieties, cultivars etc. The Labels are moulded from 90% Recycled Post Consumer Plastic and can be re-used time and time again, lasting several years.

T Labels and Angle Head Labels offer increased writing area allowing for more detail to be included such as dates, feed cycles, etc. These are also available in a choice of colours for further coding.
The range of Plot & Bed Labels is complemented by long-lasting marker pens which will last throughout the whole season and beyond ensuring vital information does not wash or fade away.