Types of plant labels

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There are many types of plant labels available. Here we take a look at some of the plant labelling solutions and discuss how they look, where and when they can be used, whether they are re-usable, permanent, look good (or not!) and how much information you can record about your plants.

Types of plant labels

Wooden plant labels

Wooden plants labels have a very classy look about them. They are natural, sustainable, and cheap! A very versatile plant label choice, wooden labels can be used both indoors and outdoors for labelling seeds, cuttings, herb gardens, garden or houseplants. The downside to wooden plant labels is they will not last forever and tend to decay when exposed to moisture in seeds trays, pots and soil, although some wooden plant labels come with a water-based non-toxic coating to help combat moisture. Wooden plant labels are re-usable to a degree but they will need to be replaced at some point.

There are a variety of different types of wooden plant labels including natural birch wood labels, coloured wooden plant sticks, bamboo plant labels, hanging bamboo labels and stubby wooden plants labels.

You can write on your wooden plant labels with a Staedtler fine black marker. To re-use the label you can sand off the writing and apply a new plant name.

Scratch on Labels

Scratch-on Plant Labels provide long-lasting, fade-resistant, weatherproof plant labelling. MacPennys Long-Life Scratch on labels are coated in black PVC on both sides and you add your plant information by scratching it on with a scriber which is often included with the plant tags. Scratch on labels are easy to use, waterproof fade-proof and there’s no messy ink to worry about.

Metal Bulb Location Markers

Metal Bulb Location Markers do just one it says on the tin! They mark the location of any bulbs you have planted to prevent you from accidentally digging them up! Metal Bulb markers are usually made from galvanised steel which means they will last for years. Some are even cut into the shape of the flower they are marking for example daffodil bulbs, Tulips, Iris, Snowdrops or bluebells.

Metal plant labels

Metal plant labels are an attractive way of labelling your plants, though over time the metal will weather and change and blend into the plant environment. You can use a paint marker or pencil to record your plant information or alternatively you could look to engrave. Metal plant labels are a permanent plant labelling solution.

Slate Plant Labels

Slate Plant Labels look wonderful in the garden and make excellent gifts for a keen gardener! Slate plant labels are a natural and beautiful looking product that will enhance your flower or vegetable garden and will continue to look good for many years. Slate labels come in various formats including slate pot labels or stick labels, Slate T Labels, and Hanging slate labels. You can write on your slate plant markers using a white paint marker.

Coloured Pot Labels

Coloured plant labels can be very useful if you want to use a colour coding system for identification purposes, for example for certain types of plants, or to identify when something was planted etc. Coloured pot labels are reusable and can be written on with a fine black Staedtler marker pen or a white or silver marker if using a black plastic plant marker.

Seed Packet Holders

Seed Packet Holders are perfect for flowers and vegetable gardens where you have grown from seed. The seed packet and all of the valuable information it holds can be simply slotted into the seed packet holder which is displayed with the seedlings. Seed packet holders are available in different sizes, though generally around 5 inches tall. They are usually made from plastic which means they are durable and reusable.

Tray labels

Seed tray labels are a very small and compact plant label that is ideal for use in seed trays and propagation trays that have lids. Tray labels are plastic, re-usable and available in different colours.

Loop Lock Labels

Loop Lock labels are available in many colours and simply wrap around the branch of a shrub or tree. They are flexible, long-lasting, weatherproof and re-usable and can often be quite discrete as they nestle within the foliage. Loop Lock Labels are supplied on perforated sheets and are quick and easy to use. They come in various sizes and you can write on both sides which maximises the information you can record about your shrub.

White Plastic labels

White plastic labels last and can be re-used. White plants labels can be seen in your flowerbeds and borders against the rich, dark foliage and soil and they can be easily read. If you have lots of white plastic labels they can look a bit unsightly particularly if they are quite big. If they are too small, they are less visible but the disadvantage is that you are limited with the amount of information you can fit onto the label. Plastic is good because it is re-useable. You can clean off the writing on them by rubbing them with a piece of wire wool and you are free to use them again. White plastic plant labels come in lots of sizes and can be used for flowerbeds, borders, tubs, in the greenhouse, for seeds for flowers, plants or vegetables.

Black Plant Labels

If you prefer something more discrete than a white plastic plant label there are plenty of black plant labels available. Black plant labels are available as pot labels which can be used in pots but also in flowerbeds, borders and greenhouses. Again, these black plant labels are plastic so they will last forever and can be re-used. They are less visible in your beds and tubs however if you write on the in white paint pen then plants names and information will still be visible.

Angled Head labels

Angled-head labels are available in black or in white. The advantage of an angled-head plant label is that it is easier to read and often has a larger writing area than a pot label. Angled-head labels are often good for large or taller plants. They are made from stronger plastic than pot labels so they are more hardwearing and will withstand sun, rain, wind, in fact, all weather conditions. Angle Head Plant Labels can be re-used. Simply clean off the old writing and re-use. A variety of sizes are available and this is usually determined by the size of the writing area.

Angle Head Plant labels are also available in a variety of colours as well as black and white however the black ones tend to blend in more.

T Labels

T Shaped Plant plant labels are a good alternative to standard pot labels as they are slightly larger with a larger writing area. They stand out more and can be a better choice with slightly larger seedlings. With a larger writing area, there is more scope for recording plant information. There plastic T Shaped plant labels can be re-used. The plastic is stronger than stick pot labels which are more flexible. T Shaped labels can be inserted into plant pots, seed trays or directly into the ground.