Why do I need to label my plants?

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Using plant labels, plant tags and tree tags is beneficial for all types of gardeners from, home gardeners, professional gardeners such as landscapers and garden designers, horticulturists, nurseries and garden centres.

Why do I need to label my plants?
The main challenge when you are growing a wide variety of plants, flowers, vegetables, and herbs in your garden is it can become difficult to name and remember the details of each plant and also to remember what you’ve planted and where! There are, however, many other benefits and reasons to label your plants and then of course there’s the decision around which plant label works best for you and for the job at hand.

As a home gardener, a plant marker can be useful for locating where you have a plant that is no longer in bloom. This can help with seasonal planting and managing the overlap between one bloom and the next show of colour which picks up where the old one left off.

Plant labels are great for helping you to identify and recall the name of plants and also minimise the risk of you buying duplicate plants purely because you’ve forgotten what you already have. If it’s labelled there’s more chance you’ll remember it.

Plant labels can help monitor the growth of plants if you mark the date it was planted. They can also be useful for recording care instructions right next to the plant, shrub or tree they apply to.

A plant marker can be a useful aid if you are trying out intercropping, otherwise known as interplanting or companion planting. Planting various crops in zones and keeping track of what you’ve planted together is made much easier if everything is labelled.

Are you sharing the gardening responsibilities with someone else? For example, someone else is caring for your plants or harvesting your vegetables too? Labels can help avoid any mistakes or miscommunication. This is also true if you are sharing a garden or allotment with other people or working on a public or community gardening project.

There is much pleasure to be had from showing someone who enjoys plants and gardening around your garden. A well-tended, organised garden that has been sensitively and effectively planted, in part down to the use of plants labels and markers makes for a great garden tour. Your visitor will be impressed with the information you have to hand thanks to the use of effective plant labelling. Your garden tour becomes even more informative and interactive depending on the level of information you record on your plant tags. Impress others with your plant knowledge.

Ever dug up a bulb or saved some seeds then found you’ve forgotten what it is? Label it!

Landscape gardeners, professional gardeners and garden designers often have an element of creative direction or may recommend and plant something you are less familiar with. Once they leave, if you cannot recall its name you could be left with a mystery plant in your garden which means you are unable to identify its specific care needs. Labelling new additions to your garden means you are in control and have access to the information you need to successfully nurture your new plant.

In a commercial setting, such as a nursery or garden centre plant labelling is absolutely essential for organisation. The sheer volume of plants, seedlings, shrubs and trees means labelling is key. Staff and customers will rely on clear labelling of stock for identification purposes, stock control, grouping plants according to type and for the general running efficiency of the store.